The Grand Descent

by Fuming Mouth

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released June 7, 2019

Art - Mariusz Lewandowski
Production/Recording/Mixing - Kurt Ballou
Assistant Recording - Robert Cheeseman
Mastering - Brad Boatright
Label - Sam Yarmuth


all rights reserved



Fuming Mouth Massachusetts

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Track Name: Fatalism
Burning alive from inside. Now I’m nothing.
Now there’s nothing I can do.
Nothing to save me.
Nothing to save you.
Flames eat at your flesh
Smoke strangles your neck
Ceilings collapse into your body

Your bones break

Wasting away underground
Waiting for someone to see me
Wasting away underground
Waiting for someone to hear me
Waiting for someone to save me
It wasn’t enough now I’m nothing
Track Name: Nothing to Bleed
You lied
Inside you already died

Hemorrhaging stops
You type but the blood clots
Your pages are empty and blank
There's nothing to bleed. Admit it. you're killing me
My history will be written in a book of blood

All your insides are drying up
All the blood you've spilt isn't enough

Nothing to bleed
Track Name: Out of the Shadows
The asphalt warps
People scatter the streets
Screams twist from the darkness
Bombs burst into silence

Metal scrapes the pavement
Headlights tear through the night

Painted the ground
With the insides of innocence

Trying to bring back life to your body
Trying to bring you back but you’re gone

So close to home but closer to God
Track Name: Burning Hand
The sands of time burn red as the heat roars in my hands
The blast lights the grains into vitrified glass
Shatter and smash everything I touch
Let it break

The hours I’ve lost
The minutes I’ve traded
The hands of the clock are burning away

The flames fade away and all that’s left are my mistakes
Colors aren’t vivid they’re trying to escape
Escape from time
Let it break

Time disintegrates
The hour glass breaks
The spectrum permeates

Track Name: The Grand Descent
Track Name: The Great Equalizer
Kneel down at the bloodstained frame
The edge of the blade is calling your name
Weighted, suspended, begging to fall down on your neck

You can’t feel the same when your choice was to leave you
You pushed me away, you can’t feel the same, you already changed

When will it be enough? Behead their disbelief.

Kneel. Down.


Let the rope fly and the razor fall
Track Name: Visions of Purgatory
Blind in the catacombs
Looking for life in something that died
Break my bones and rip out my spine
Add another number to these coffin walls

Is it the end? Will I hurt forever?
Is there a way I could change this?
I want to die and take my life
Why do I have to suffer

The shape takes form but all I can see are visions of purgatory

…..Visions of purgatory
Track Name: Distant Voice
I tried but I’m gone
You’ll be fine without me
My voice will soon be a memory
Track Name: Transfiguration
Peeled to the bone
Sliced from the front of your head
I’ll cut off your face and wear it as mine

You pretend to be me
So I’ll pretend too, I’ll pretend to be you

Your face is my mask

The sutures stitch
The tables turn
Turned inside out

You can hide in you’re disguise but you’re still a clone
So pretend to be me, pretend to be me
Track Name: Dead Asleep
Dark clouds form around your savior and your lord
These shadows span the corners of your mind
Awake in a dream while paralyzed
Sleeping under a sky with no one
Nothing, just rain until you die

You plan a place in line but nightmares still bind
You turn a blind eye but you can’t hide the tears in your eyes
Track Name: The Spirit's Chain
Dragged through my mind while I scrape at my skin.
Living forever but waiting to die, waiting to die, waiting to die
Tear off my jaw before I grind my teeth to dust.
Trapped in my mind. Living forever but waiting to die.
Pull me apart
Tear me to shreds
I’ll never die
I’ll never rest

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