Fuming Mouth​/​Gatlin Split 7"

by Fuming Mouth

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The B-side of a split 7 inch with Gatlin from Dorchester Massachusetts


released March 26, 2014

Art - Sam Ford
Recording/Mixing - Sean Fitzpatrick
Mastering - Brad Boatright



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Fuming Mouth Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Vault of the Sun
It’s dark
It’s hopeless
The light is useless
The outside can’t get why I refuse it
My eyes are aching from mental abuse
They stagnate my sight but I can’t stop screaming no
I’ve been mislead to a feign acceptance
Forced to change into their resemblance
Shut from the sunlight and sealed myself closed
My head is convulsing I can’t stop screaming no
No hope for me here
Track Name: Ceremonial Death
Wavering last breath
Hanging on the thread of ceremonial death
A bright light fading away
Holding it close till it’s darkened by fate
My minds caving in on me
Crumbling around me
Clung to its rope
A black mark pains me as I slip below
I can’t keep falling apart and picking myself up just to end at the start
I can’t keep slipping away into a further residual state
Descend to a haunt beneath
Withdraw from what makes you breathe
Absolve inside yourself
Find salvation in hell