by Fuming Mouth

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Demo 2013


released February 21, 2013

Art - Reuben Sawyer
Recording/Mixing - Sean Fitzpatrick
Mastering - Brad Boatright



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Fuming Mouth Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Immolate
I’ve separated from the things I love
Grown foreign to a helping hand
Stepped away from my circle of friends
Aging hours; nihilistic power
Incinerate myself and smoke out the demons I’ve held
Engulfed in flames by my own two hands
Provoked a release for an end
Cleansed my spirit in a fire to mend
Counting my lost friends
Sitting still as I’m burning alive but I’m cold on the inside
Track Name: Executioner's Sabbath
Black Masked
Sword and Scale
Emotionless beheading of fools
Praised executioner we revel in lit lamps
Gala of blood, slaughter of lambs, an end to arrogance
Through bloodshed and dealing deaths
Killing untaught fascist youth for their right wing bias views
Death sentenced, blindfolded, back turned to intelligence
There’s borderland on societies old visions and your liberal mission
Dropout. Take for granted everything you’ve been given
Track Name: Infernal Void
Earthen removal of the gravel underfoot
Trembling homes break and collapse inward with graves
Pulled to a dark rift dragging life underground
Trapped by a mass abyss it’s useless
We’re trees standing in the wind
Track Name: Adverse Ritual
Hanging my head like a black cloud
Old alone. Forced to white sound
Dragging myself to dismal depths
Sleepless to white noise; obsessing with death
We don't leave, we don't see we breathe in cold
Caught in our beds sleeping to a slow spinning drone
Leave me left alone. Give up, step away from a sad soul
Writhe the mind of a sleeping sound man
Keeping warmth to the sound of your fan
Strive to move on from a host. Press on let go of a ghost
Dreading on the sound of a low hum
My heart sits still and numb